The Music Production Academy in Örnsköldsvik "Musikmakarna" is a two-year-long Advanced Vocational Education, running since 1998. The aim is, in close co-operation with the music business, to equip talented songwriters of popular and commercial music for a successful professional career.

a nursery
The education is a nursery for professional songwriters on a University college level, and as such, the first of its kind in Sweden. We do not create talents! Instead we encourage individual development and help our students create networks and to establish valuable contacts among the leading publishers, record companies and producers. Students are also provided with music theory, marketing, business studies, copyright issues, business English and creative writing. For several of these courses we use lecturers from universities in the region.

the lecturers
The Academy frequently invites interesting lecturers, song?writers and producers in a variety of relevant and current topics. Practical assignments are usually motivated by real life events such as the Eurovision Song Contest (Melodifestivalen) and by radio commercials projects, film music projects, as well as various commissioned music productions like musicals & children´s music.

Our students work in sequencer and hard disk drive milieus. We use Logic Pro and Pro Tools sequencer programmes. We exclusively use Apple computers.

unique measures
To further enhance our students individual creativity and development, the Music Production Academy in Örnsköldsvik provides every student with their own personal recording studio! Students need to have basic skills in playing the piano or the guitar and also some experience of computers.

Welcome to Songwriters Academy.